Meet Ashiauna

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Ashiauna has been participating in the community of Boise Idaho and Maui Hawai’i as a healer for 20 years.

She began as a massage therapist, graduating from the healing Arts in 1999. She then received a scholarship,taking her to Hawaii to train in Reiki, herbal body wraps, cellular regeneration and nutrition.

Upon Ashiauna’s return to Idaho, she became an apprentice with a Shaman, going deep into the study of the electromagnetic field and the energetic relationships of the body, mind and spirit. At the same time Ashi started working with doctors. She then started working in the Medical field.

Her worked progressed into becoming a Medical Intuitive. Ashiauna has worked with Physicians over the last 14 years, 10 of those years in the Medical field as a Medical Intuitive.

Ashiauna specializes in Energy Medicine, Spiritual guidance, Nutrition and Teaching. As a Reiki Master/Teacher she offers classes on healing, Intuitive training, energy medicine and meditation.

Ashiauna is an educator and advocate for the healing of the mind body spirt. Ashiauna is a student of life, walking the path as a Warrior Healer.

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