Medical Intuitive

Being a medical intuitive means helping people discover the root cause of mild to moderate health ailments and prevent them before they begin.

Seeing a medical intuitive can be especially helpful as a second, third, or fourth, opinion for finding a root cause to symptoms that have stumped other pros, or if you want supplemental support in healing after getting a diagnosis.

My goal is to detect the underlying physical, emotional, and spiritual root causes, which may include issue like trauma and relationship difficulties.

Medical intuition can involve readings and getting information from guides and energy fields, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. I define medical intuition as “knowing” things about our physical body and emotional state.

People often say to me, “Something’s not right.’” Or “My back hurts especially when I feel emotional.” These are examples of your own medical intuition. Sometimes it’s as simple as avoiding a certain food on a hunch that doing so might make you feel better.

As parents and family members, we naturally use medical intuition to help others. Almost every parent knows what it is like to have to decide whether a child’s ear pain might need medical attention or if it will go away on its own. Picking up on mood changes and discerning between a cold, the flu, or possible food poisoning is intuitive.