Energy Medicine

E=mc2- Science recognizances the reality that energy and matter have a significant relationship in creating our physical form. The mind, body, soul trilogy is a fully functioning intelligent network system. It’s intelligence has been accessed in various forms throughout the ages for healing. Understanding this energetic structure gives us an advantage in addressing the needs for healing more completely.

As a Medical Intuitive I work with the natural healing process in the body mind spirit trilogy. Healing is an experience that manifests naturally in the body,mind, emotions and human spirit; we are designed to heal. I believe in the responsibility as a practitioner to honor this process as it occurs naturally. The art of listening to the body and respecting its unique story gives one an advantage in healing the underlying issues and not just chasing and bandaging symptoms.

Prana, Mana, Ki, and Chi are in essence the same thing,ie: Universal Life Force Energy. It is the energetic fuel for the body. It exists in all living things and it is the power that creates and nourishes life. We all have access and have a relationship with Life Force Energy inside ourselves. It is my passion to share different tools with people on how they can develop their own ability to access Universal Life Force Energy consciously for their personal healing.